An introduction to dog decor and luxury pupholstery with Saint Ernie

An introduction to dog decor and luxury pupholstery with Saint Ernie

Saint Ernie: Welcome to the Home of Luxury Pupholstery & Dog Decor.
Where we turn your dog house into a home.

I want to introduce you to my brand new, fur-baby-and-home-friendly product range from Australian-owned luxury dog brand, Saint Ernie.

It feels like dogs are more popular than ever. And with good reason. They're also increasingly a part of our family, with even the so-called 'outside dogs' spending much more time indoors.

The latest products in the dog world are changing the way our dogs are integrated into the home. Luxury Pupholstery and Dog Decor are quickly becoming the latest trend for any dog lover who also loves their homes and quality decor. Saint Ernie’s range includes beautiful dog bedding that seamlessly integrates into your unique style while providing comfort and safety for your dog. With a commitment to reducing landfill using sustainable materials and practices, along with our support of animal charities, there's more to love about Saint Ernie than just the fabrics.

Crate training

For all our crate-trained dogs, Saint Ernie has created a range of stunning dog crate covers, crate bumpers (think soft cushioning around the inside of the crate) and dog beds to create the perfect Doggy Den that won’t look out of place in your living room. Using sustainable, washable, luxe fabrics good enough to cover your favourite chair in, the range is designed to turn the unsightly dog crate - or 'puppy jail' - into a cosy dog home. And then we have the benefits of crate training to go with it!

What are the benefits?

When we brought our mini dachshund pup and brand namesake, Ernie, home I had heard of but never tried this concept of crate training. The benefits include:

  • Providing your dog with a safe, comfortable haven
  • Can house train dogs more quickly (dogs don’t like to go to the loo where they sleep)
  • Making travel easier and safer with their ‘security blanket’ with them
  • Teaching puppies to sleep through the night
  • Providing them with their own sanctuary when they want/need time out
  • Creating a bedtime routine to fit your lifestyle
  • Being versatile enough to also train older dogs (not just for puppies!)

Naturally, I was eager to try crate training with Ernie. And, just like all my friends who had followed the crate training trend, we were thrilled with the results and are still benefitting to this day, 2 years on. 

The only problem I had with the crate training was how unsightly the crate was; sinister looking even. This horrible jail-like cage sitting in my living room not only looked unattractive, but it felt cruel putting Ernie in there. Especially in winter. And I couldn’t hide it in the laundry like so many others tend to do as that’s the cat's domain (she was cranky enough with us already). We also didn’t want Ernie’s ‘house’ separated from the family.

What Did I Try? 

  • I tried throwing a blanket over it, but it felt temporary and just didn’t quite work, leaving gaps that let the light in, waking Ernie too early, and looking clumsy. 
  • We took the crate down and hid it when friends came over, but that felt cruel as often Ernie would like to take reprieve in his crate, away from small humans, but still wanting to be amongst the action.
  • I googled crate covers to buy, but everything that came up wasn't to my taste, using heat-trapping synthetic fabrics in colours that didn’t integrate into the decor, or patterns that I had the same problem with. Overall, they were of poor quality and I have certainly found since becoming a dog-mum that the cheaper the dog-product, the more likely it was to end up in landfill within a few weeks, sometimes days.

My Solution

I decided to design dog crate covers and bedding that made the crate look like a piece of the furniture while providing dogs with a plush and comfortable den to relax in. I took it one step further by using sustainable materials that help reduce landfill, and luxury fabrics (including wools and cottons) and exceptional craftsmanship that ensures the products have a long life.

Our crate bumpers are designed to stop your dog resting against uncomfortable cage wire and can also reduce the risk of them hurting themselves if they become distressed. Our dog cushions are lined with waterproof PUV to stop any leakage into the pillow and, therefore, reduce any smells and mould. We provide the perfect place for your dog to rest comfortably in your home! 

Not a crate family?

Saint Ernie dog beds are designed to be used in or out of a crate.

More Than Pupholstery

Beyond the collection of bedding, Saint Ernie has a range of deluxe accessories for those who love their beautiful things as much as their dogs. Our launch collections include:

  • Collars and leads
    Made from buttery soft leather and personalised with your dog’s name
  • Jewellery
    Matching gold and diamond pieces to show just how much we love our pets, past and present
  • Blankets
    Beautiful locally made organic cotton and merino wool dog blankets to protect the couch and keep it looking beautiful while you cuddle up with your pooch. Or throw one in the crate in Winter for your dog to snuggle with.

Browse our Debut Collection at

All current bedding is Limited Edition so don’t hesitate if you find something you love as it may not last! Especially our Extra Large Boyac X Saint Ernie French Linen dog beds - these locally made, one-off pieces use end-of-run fabrics made with a sustainable approach to luxury in mind.

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Good for your dog, good for your home, good for your planet: Welcome to Saint Ernie.

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