How to prepare to bring your new dog home

How to prepare to bring your new dog home

Bringing a puppy home is always a very responsible and interesting event. If it is planned, you need to prepare for it in advance. After all, in many ways it will determine how the dog will feel in a new place. Of course, everyone knows that a dog needs bowls, toys, and a dog bed, but there are also things that need to be considered, we will tell you more about them in the article. 

Best time to get a puppy

The optimal age to take a puppy away from its mother is 3-4 months. If you get a pet earlier, they may experience severe stress or even get psychological trauma. It is also worth mentioning that it is better to get a puppy in spring or summer. After all, the puppy will have to get acquainted with the environment, and if you take them outside in winter, it will be difficult for an immature body to resist cold weather. Keep in mind that it is recommended to start walking the puppy only from the moment when all the vaccinations are completed. 

Introduce your pet to a new home

For the first hours or even days, everything will seem unusual for the dog. It is important to buy bowls for food and water, a crate, crate bedding including crate cover, bumper and a waterproof lined bed, toys, and other accessories in advance. Puppy liners are also recommended for placing on the bedding until they are toilet trained in a few weeks time.

Arrange a place for the crate. On the day of bringing your dog home, do not invite guests and other strangers into the house. Try also to limit contact with other pets, if any. Try not to disturb the pet, do not move them from one room to another, do not yell at them, as they need to get used to a new environment. Because of stress, the dog may go to the toilet on the floor, be prepared for this and be patient!

Create a cozy place for your dog

The pet needs a place where they will sleep and rest and a crate is best recommended for this, which you can then cover and add bedding to so your dog feels like it has a warm, cosy sanctuary of their own. Place the bedding in the crate, and add some toys and a blanket. The place for the puppy should be located away from drafts and should give the dog a large view of the room. It may not be possible to teach the puppy to stay in his own place right away, you need to do it gradually. Do not scold the puppy if they disobey and leave their bed. Use treats to get the dog used to the bed. And don't use the crate as punishment - you want your new puppy to want to go into it!

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