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A dog, like any animal, needs privacy and personal space. Often pets can choose a quiet corner and settle in to rest or sleep there. These days owners prefer to buy dog crates because of their numerous advantages. 

If you choose and decorate the crate properly, then your dog will be happy. A crate is a safe and comfortable place for a dog. It shouldn't come as a surprise, since in the wild dogs intentionally create dens. Domestic dogs still have this instinct, so a crate will be something familiar and simple.

 Not only will a comfortable crate be your pet's favorite place, but also will reduce their stress during transportation. It is great for your puppy to get to know its private place at an early age. The Saint Ernie's website offers dog crates covers and accessories in three sizes:

Small: for small breeds of dogs

Medium: for medium-sized dogs

Large: for large breeds

 For the pet to love the crate and think of it as a den, you would want to decorate it with additional accessories: a bed, a cover, and bumpers. All these accessories help to make an ordinary crate a real dog's den. You can also put your dog's favourite Saint Ernie blanket, toys and treats there. 

 What does a crate look like?

The crate can be a "mobile home", so you can travel with your dog and keep them safe and comfortable. The crate has several doors: side and front, and its frame is equipped with a handle for easy transportation. If necessary, the crate can be easily folded and then unfolded again. 

All Saint Ernie's products are designed in Australia with the support of Club Debut and made with exceptional craftsmen at Club Debut Atelier in Colombia.  The website also offers all the necessary accessories:

  • Dog Beds
  • Crate Bumpers
  • Crate Covers
  • Doggy Den Sets 

Create a comfortable and stylish place for your dog with Saint Ernie products. We love pets and try to make their lives as comfortable as possible. Thanks to an elegant design, each product can easily fit into any interior. All accessories are of a wide size range and are suitable for all dog breeds. Choose the one that fits you and your pet!