About Us

Saint Ernie is the home of Luxury Pupholstery™️, dog accessories and fine jewellery pieces that inspire the imagination and enrich the lives of you, your dog and your home.

"Our mission is to change the face of the pet industry and in particular, Dog Decor, by seamlessly integrating your dog's needs into your already beautifully styled home. Saint Ernie provides only the best for your best friend, while keeping your home beautiful!"
- Pip, Founder and CEO
About Pip & Saint Ernie
With a background in business development management, fashion and design, as well as being a practicing nutritionist, Pip created Saint Ernie to to fulfil her own personal needs as well as assisting her clients achieve better health (that's right, her nutrition clients are benefitting from Saint Ernie!) while also improving the home environment and providing dogs with a beautiful sanctuary.
You see, Pip is often seeing clients who are having trouble sleeping, and after thorough analysis, she realised so many of her clients were getting up for, or being woken by their dogs in the night! 
Bad or interrupted sleep is behind so many issues including escalating stress and anxiety, weight gain and fatigue, so it was in Pip's best interest to create a solution. And that solution became apparent when she brought her mini dachy puppy, Ernie, home.
Pip quickly sought to crate training Ernie as she had heard of the many benefits including speeding up the toilet training process and creating good sleep routines. This was a win for her, and Ernie took to the crate so easily it was a no-brainer. But the issue was that the crate not only looked ugly and like a puppy jail, the only option for solving this aesthetic problem was throwing a blanket over the crate. Not only did this not look particularly great, it also didn't block out the light meaning Ernie was waking early and waking the family.
So, with the creation and design of the Saint Ernie crate covers, doggy dens, crate bedding and bumpers, Pip managed to not only solve the problem of having an unattractive crate in the living room or hiding in the laundry, but she created a product that blocked out light while still providing ventilation and comfort for the dog. Win-win!
Mini Dachshund and Saint Ernie Founder Pip Reed cuddling on the couch with designer collar