Your Saint Ernie Warranty

Before we kick off with our more officially worded sections, we just want to state that in general, all of our products come with a 3 month manufacturers guarantee which protects you from faults and defects caused in the manufacturing process. We outline below in more detail what is and isn't covered for each particular product. If you have any questions, or need any clarification, please shoot us an email to info@sainternie.com. We'd love to assist. 

Ok, here we go...

The benefits given by this warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product, which the purchaser has under the Trade Practices Act and similar State and Territory Laws. Nothing in this warranty will exclude, restrict or modify any conditions, warranty rights or liability implied in this purchase or protected by law where to do so would render this warranty void.

Crate Covers, cushions and bumpers

The Saint Ernie product warranty covers manufacturer’s faults and defects only, and only applies to the original purchaser.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by dogs, fair wear and tear, accidents, misuse, fire, flood, or other natural disasters, or alterations or repairs by any other than an authorised agent of Saint Ernie Pty Ltd.

The Boyac range of Saint Ernie fabrics are not covered by warranty

In the case of repairs to your Saint Ernie product being required (regardless of whether the repairs are covered under warranty) the cost of transportation to/from Saint Ernie Pty Ltd for any repairs is to be paid by the claimant.

This warranty is the only express warranty given by Saint Ernie Pty Ltd. No person has the authority to change or add to these obligations and liabilities without Saint Ernie Pty Ltd approval in writing.

Saint Ernie Pty Ltd reserves the right to determine whether or not fault is caused by faulty workmanship or material or that any part is defective.

Saint Ernie Pty Ltd or its authorised agent may offer advice, but accepts no responsibility as to the ultimate positioning of the crate and its accessories.


While all of our products are designed to be suitable for pet conditions, different materials are affected differently in physical elements and therefore all our products are designed to be suitable for indoor use only. We recommend following the care instructions provided for each products to help maximise their lifespan.

Any ‘wear and tear’ and / or rough treatment of powder coated accessories such as the dog crates can result in chipping of the coated surface.

The Saint Ernie product warranty covers manufacturer’s faults and defects only, and only applies to the original purchaser where proof of purchase can be shown.

Some of our fabrics contain PUV lining to assist with stain and water resistance, however we can not guarantee they will not mark or withstand water with ongoing use over any length of time, or that leakages will not seep through to pillows.


Cushion inserts come separately with the XL Boyac X Saint Ernie cushion covers from our partner. If there is an issue with this cushion insert, please retain your receipt and contact the supplier.

 Any further information required, please email info@sainternie.com